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beverage cooler reviewsBest Beverage Cooler

The best thing on a hot day is a satisfying frosty drink. Having the drinks that you want on hand might be an issue because your refrigerator is already full – or maybe this isn’t the case and you just want something a bit more convenient. Regardless of your reasons, having a dedicated beverage center  to keep all of your drinks can be incredibly useful. Fitting in just about any room with a socket, beverage coolers are the machine you are looking for.

Larger model refrigerators were first made for domestic use in 1913 – this technology has come a long way since then, with beverage coolers as specialized miniature versions of these common appliance. Because of their focus on drinks specifically, these beverage centers are streamlined without all the unnecessary features that a typical mini-fridge comes with such as internal compartments for meat, dairy, and freezer space.

These beverage machines are not only perfect for holding refreshments but they can look good while doing it. Not all beverage coolers are made equal though, and with the enormous amount of these products out there today it can take a little bit of research to find the best beverage cooler for you. This short guide of beverage cooler reviews will give you some tips on what to look out for, a list of recommended buys, along with a wrap up on how to properly install and upkeep your newly bought machine.

What To Look Out For

To start out you need to get a good idea of where you want your new beverage cooler to be. Most units today can either be freestanding and built in. A built in model’s compatibility comes from having a front facing exhaust along the bottom that pushes the warm air away from the unit. Freestanding specific models don’t have this feature and require an unencumbered space that allows proper air flow around the unit.

You need to keep an eye on how the door of the beverage cooler will open up as well – some units have a reversible hinge, but not all. From there you have to look at the amount of internal space. While the market standard for these machines hovers around the 15” wide mark, they can vary dramatically in how many drinks they can hold. Internal space is usually measured by the amount of 12 oz cans that can be reasonably fit on the shelves – varying anywhere from 80 to over a 100 cans depending on the model.

The best beverage centers have several things in common, such as adjustable and removable shelving, insulated glass fronts, soft touch LED control, and adjustable temperature typically ranging from 38 to 50°F – though the minimum temperature can vary a few degrees in either direction.

Compressors, the part of the machine that does the cooling, have become quieter over the years. Regardless, some models are noticeably louder. Aesthetics are also important with most models having a stainless steel exterior with colors such as black and gray – but with many different frame styles.

Best Beverage Refrigerator

The following is a list of the best beverage refrigerators on the market today. These coolers contain the best balance of features, style, and quality. Customer reviews have also been kept into account to give you the best picture of what these machines have to offer. Enjoy these beverage cooler reviews, and click the links to read actual buyer reviews on each of these mini fridges.

EdgeStar CBR901SG 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage CoolerEdgeStar CBR901SG 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Cooler

This Edgestar brand beverage cooler comes with a low energy blue LED light on the inside with a tempered glass door- letting you see all your drinks without any harsh glare. The glass tint works both ways and can block out exterior light, helping regulate the internal temperature better. To further support cool temperatures is a fan-forced ventilation system, along with a front vent which allows for this machine to encased on the sides without overheating.

If built in installation isn’t your style, the CBR901SG can also freely stand in any game room, garage, or wherever else you might want it. The hinge is reversible and comes with an integrated door lock and sturdy stainless steel handle. On top is an easy to read temperature adjustment allowing you to keep the temperature anywhere from 40 to 50°F.

Customers have commented that this Edgestar CBR901SG beverage cooler is easy to install and well worth the money. Many have mentioned that despite the fairly slim size of this 15 inch Edgestar cooler, they are still able to hold a considerable amount of drinks inside. Among other features the removable shelves have been praised for being really convenient and easy to use.

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Kalamera 15” Beverage cooler 96 can built-in Single Zone Touch ControlKalamera 15” Beverage cooler 96 can built-in Single Zone Touch Control

The Kalamera is sleek and a simply made unit, giving it an elegant look. The outside frame is made from a stainless steel and transparent glass. Inside is a blue LED light and 6 removable wire racks. The compressor is notable for being extra quiet and using sustained momentum so it doesn’t noisily turn on and off all the time.

The digital control allows temperature adjustment from 38-50°F on its easy to read LED, along with also coming with a built in memory function. This ability allows this Kalamera 15 inch, to revert back to its temperature setting even after loss power, ensuring that your drinks don’t go bad in the case of a power flicker. On the bottom of the door is a bolt lock to protect everything from unwanted hands.

People who have purchased this Kalamera beverage center like the pretty blue LED light and how quiet the compressor is. Other remarkable features are the sturdy frame and almost zero vibrations that come off of it. The manufacturer strongly recommends to keep the refrigerator out of direct sun shine as the UV rays can warm up your drinks.

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Avallon ABR151SGRH 86 Can 15" Built-In Beverage CoolerAvallon ABR151SGRH 86 Can 15″ Built-In Beverage Cooler

With a temperature range of 34-50°F, this Avallon unit is one of the coldest out there. Because of its front ventilation system and adjustable leveling you can install this either as a freestanding beverage cooler or underneath a counter. Inside is a set of LED lights that can alternate to either blue or white, along with 3 removable glass shelves.

The touch control handle is easy to use, and the true key lock along the bottom of the unit helps safeguard your refreshments. The compressor works to evenly distribute cold air throughout, keeping all the beverages at a sustained temperature. To further protect this cold temperature the front door is made from a double-paned glass with argon in between them for better insulation. This door also has a rugged stainless steel handle.

Many people have noted that the Avallon ABR151SGRH gets cooler than many others on the market, with a lowest possible temperature of 34°F. Users have also mentioned the unit being fairly quiet, with the compressor barely perceptible when turned on. The only consistent complaint against is that there is no built in way to reverse the door without drilling a hole in the top of it. Having said that, this unit is worth checking out further, as it could be the best beverage cooler in it’s price range.

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Koldfront BBR900BL 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Cooler Koldfront BBR900BL 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Cooler 

The Koldfront BBR900BL unit comes with an ambient LED light inside, and reversible glass door on the outside. The tempered glass is extra insulated to keep the temperature inside constant, allowing the compressor to work less and save you power.

The outside is a black trim with a matching bar handle, giving it a modern look that works in almost any kitchen, garage, or game room.

The soft touch electronic control can calibrate the internal temperature anywhere from 38 to 50°F. It’s front facing ventilation system makes this cooler perfect for being put into a cabinet or underneath a counter. For larger containers you can remove the extra shelving.

The Koldfront BBR900BL 80 can beverage center has been praised for its small size and reliably maintained temperature without making too much noise. This fairly inexpensive drink refrigerator holds just as much, if not more, drinks than other coolers of higher price points.

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Phiestina PH-CBR100 106 Can Beverage Cooler Stainless Steel Door with HandlePhiestina PH-CBR100 106 Can Beverage Cooler Stainless Steel Door with Handle

Phiestina Products brags that the PH-CBR100 can hold a whopping 106 typical can size beverages inside of its interior. The inside comes with six wire shelves, which can be removed so you can put different sized drinks inside.

On the top is a snazzy blue LED light that isn’t too harsh on the eyes, in case you need to find a drink in the dark. On the top is a soft push temperature control that can be manipulated anywhere from 38 to 50°F. To keep it this cool this beverage cooler comes with a compressor cooling system that has been shown to be more energy efficient and noticeably quieter.

The exterior of the Phiestina PH-CBR100 is a modern looking stainless and gray color, with an insulated glass front.

Reviewers comment that this particular beverage machine is spacious and looks great when freestanding. Being EnergyGuide approved it won’t pull a lot of energy, but many have commented that this PH-CBR100 needs ample space for proper air circulation as the compressor has a tendency to heat up.

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Beverage Center Installation and Upkeep Tips

Don’t attempt to start your beverage cooler for at least 24 hours after purchase, as the unit’s coolant needs to properly percolate throughout the compressor. If you turn the unit on without it being in an upright position for at least a day, you could potentially burn out the machine’s compressor – rendering it useless.

When installing a beverage cooler, whether out in the open or under a counter, there are some recommendation for how to properly space it. Typically you’ll need 2-3” of space in the back for proper ventilation. Similar to full sized refrigerators, these machines usually only need a typical 115 V socket – just make sure it has the proper grounding, as many older sockets only have two prongs.

When putting it in the location that you want, make sure the unit is level. The best way to do this is to use a carpenter’s level to see if it tilts in any direction. If it does, just adjust the feet alongside the bottom of the cooler.

To reverse the door swing you’ll often need a Phillips screwdriver, in most cases, and remove the screws from the hinges. After you remove the screws, bushing, and caps, simply attach the door to the opposite side to the other hinges. For a full step by step guide look through your owner’s manual.

To ensure there is no frost build-up, keep the door closed as often as possible. On colder settings you’ll have this problem regardless. If it becomes excessive, just power down the unit and let the frost melt, using a towel to absorb the moisture. Make sure not to use any sharp objects to scrape the frost off, as this can puncture the unit.

Most household cleaners will work in cleaning the interior and exterior alike, just make sure you don’t use anything too abrasive as this can lead to damaging the unit and or finish.

Your new unit might also make a series of ambient sounds that you might not be used to. While any excessive rattling or screeching should be looked into, noises like gurgling or splashing are often common place.

Final Thoughts

Because these compact refrigerators come freestanding or can be built into cabinets and underneath bars, a small beverage refrigerator can go just about anywhere in a house. Due to their specialization with drinks, they are able to keep them colder more efficiently, while also holding more than a normal mini-fridge.

When purchasing, make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck, and the type that fits you. While there are many industry standards put in place, you should keep on eye on the door hinge, the style, and the amount of internal space it has. When you do get the unit you want, make sure to follow the installation and hookup instructions located in the owner’s manual.

While in these beverage cooler reviews, we haven’t done the typical countdown to our number one pick, we’ve highlighted features, and negatives. In this case each person’s refrigeration requirements will be different, and therefore it’s impossible for to say which is the best beverage center.

Each of the units we’ve reviewed here has benefits, and the ones with the least benefits are reflective in the price. So, if you’re on a limited budget, you just have to live with less features. Having said that, I always say…

“If you don’t have much money, you can’t afford to go with a cheap product, because you’ll  just have to replace it more often…”

Beverage coolers are remarkable little refrigerators that can be a welcome addition to any household. They provide a level of convenience for day to day use or for parties. Armed with knowledge you now possess, you can confidently go forth and get the best beverage cooler for your home and needs!