Do Solar Ovens Really Work?

GOSUN Fusion 2020 Solar Oven

YES…is the answer to “Do solar ovens really work?”. This complete guide to solar ovens will not only teach you what you need and want to know about cooking with the power of the sun. This solar oven guide will demystify the science behind solar energy cooking, and how solar ovens are able to create … Read more

Is a Yeti Cooler Worth It?

Yeti Tundra 50

If you find yourself asking is a YETI cooler worth it, chances are, you’re in the market t to buy a cooler to take on camping trips or family vacations. You’ve seen them online or even possibly in stores, but the price tag has stopped you in your tracks. Having said that, there are many … Read more

Napoleon Lex 485 Review

Napoleon Lex 485 Review

Here’s my hands-on Napoleon Lex 485 review. My old Brinkman barbecue completely disintegrated after only 3 years. I was devastated, but I understand why it happened. Here’s a synopsis: I only paid $200  for the thing. As you know, you get what you pay for. I used it fairly heavily, right through our Northern winters, … Read more

10 Design Tips For Your Outdoor Kitchen

10 design tips for your outdoor kitchen

Before going shopping or hiring contractors, learn these 10 design tips for your outdoor kitchen. This handy guide will save you money, bring some things to light that you may not have thought about. Location – Choose the location wisely, so as to maximize the quality of your cooking experience. Climate – The climate you … Read more

Outdoor Pizza Oven Guide

outdoor pizza oven guide-pizza-maker

Outdoor Pizza Oven Guide There are all sorts of considerations when starting to think about having your very own backyard pizza oven, which is why it’s imperative to have an outdoor pizza oven guide. Pizza ovens are found in restaurants the world over. These appliances aren’t just limited to cooking pizza either – many of … Read more

Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews


After learning about this highly regarded backyard oven, we decided to look further into all the Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven reviews. I’m really impressed! First a little background about my love for pizza, and why this topic is close to my heart (and my belly). Being an ex-pizza maker, myself, I’ve always had a … Read more

Best Gas Grills For The Money

best gas grills for the money - grilling kebab

Best Outdoor Gas Grills This is a fairly extensive review of the best gas grills for the money… can hear the meat sizzle as it hits the metal, the delicious smell wafting up to your nostrils as you flip over all the hunks of barbecuing beef. However, this picturesque and inviting scene is only possible … Read more