Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

Robot vacuums have exploded in popularity over the last decade or so, and as such so has the need for a comprehensive robot vacuum buying guide.

These marvels of modern technology have made it easier than ever to keep one’s home clean. If you want to drastically reduce your regular housework, you’ll definitely want to learn what they have to offer.

The information in this robot vacuum buying guide can help you make the right decision on which robotic vacuum will match your needs.

How do Robotic Vacuums work?

While not all robot vacuums have the exact same design, most of them do function the same way.
These devices are equipped with built-in sensors that make them capable of navigating through spaces of all different sizes.

They are capable of avoiding and working around furniture and other obstacles while cleaning the floor. A number of newer models can even map out entire rooms, improving their ability to clean quickly and efficiently.

The dirt and other debris gets sucked up and trapped inside a bin that can be emptied out when it gets full. Most of these models are even designed so that they go back to their charging station once they are finished cleaning.

Robot vacuums can move in all different directions, picking up a variety of things off just about any type of flooring. Some models can even be programmed by start and stop on a specific schedule, adding a new level of convenience.

Benefits of Robot Vacuums

There are a number of benefits associated with owning a robot vacuum that you’ll want to be aware of before making a choice. You might be surprised at just how much easier one of these devices can make your daily life. Do read our complete robot vacuum buying guide to get the full picture of all the benefits, and details.

Robotic Vacuums Clean Automatically

Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum Selective Clean - robot vacuum buying guide
robot vacuum buying guide

A robot vacuum will give you an easy way to get your floors nice and clean without any manual intervention. This is perfect for those who are disabled and have a hard time doing this work themselves.

It is also a huge convenience, especially if you typically have a pretty busy schedule. There are models that allow you to program a schedule for the robot to follow. This eliminates the need for you to even turn it on and off.

Customizable Functionality

You will have no problems finding a robot vacuum with lots of settings that let you customize how it functions. Some of these robots automatically switch settings to remain as effective as efficient as possible. All of this ensures that your floors are always free of dirt, pet hair and other debris on a daily basis.

You Don’t Have to be Home

These robot devices have advanced to the point where you don’t even need to be home for them to work. You can program a lot of modern models so that they start cleaning at a certain time, regardless of whether or not you are home. This means that you can expect clean floors when you return home from work each day.

Virtually Zero Maintenance

A majority of robot vacuums these days don’t require much maintenance at all. The only thing that you will have to do is empty out the dust bin when it gets full. Many of these devices have indicator lights that come on to let you know when to do this.

Robot Vacuum Handles Any Flooring - robot vacuum buying guide
robot vacuum buying guide

They Can Handle Almost Any Flooring

It is very likely that the robot vacuum you purchase will be able to handle any type of flooring in your home.

It can even go over thick carpeting without any issues. Some models actually ramp up their power automatically when they come into contact with carpeting.

This allows them to traverse the flooring smoothly.

Safe for Pets and Children

You won’t have to worry about a robot vacuum posing a threat to any pets or kids you might have in the house. These devices are designed to avoid obstacles, so they won’t just run into your little one. They are completely safe for any household, which is a huge plus.

Drawbacks of Robot Vacuums

While researching to complete the robot vacuum buying guide we found that there aren’t a lot of drawbacks associated with robot vacuums, some of them include:

  •  You’ll have to pick up debris: Before the robot vacuum can do its thing, you’ll have to remove obstacles like shoes and toys. While the robot is capable of navigating around these things, it won’t be able to do its job as effectively.
  •  It can get stuck: Depending on the size of the robot vacuum and your furniture, it could get stuck. It is important that you try to get one that won’t have this issue with any furniture pieces in your home.
  •  Emptying: You also have to empty the robot vacuum’s dust bin. Depending on how often you have it clean your floors, this could be a frequent necessity.
  •  They don’t work on stairs: Even the most advanced robot vacuum isn’t designed to handle stairs. This is something that you will have to do yourself.
  •  Cost: These devices can be fairly expensive, but there are a variety of them available in different price ranges.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

There are going to be a few things that you’ll want to consider before you buy a robot vacuum. This part of the robot vacuum buying guide will help you get all of your needs met without any issues.

Your Flooring

If you have thick carpeting in your home, you’ll want to buy a robot vacuum that is capable of going over it without any problems. Some models are more adept at handling this type of flooring than others.

Remote Control

You can get a robot vacuum that you will be able to control using your smartphone or tablet. While this might not be an absolute necessity, it is a pretty neat feature to consider. A dedicated remote control is the alternative.

Battery Life

Make sure that you find out what sort of battery life each robot vacuum has before deciding on one in particular. This will help you choose one that can get at least a large portion of your house clean before it needs to recharge.

Take a Look at Your Budget

Robot vacuums can be pretty expensive, so you’ll want to determine how much you are willing to spend before shopping around. While you probably don’t want to get the absolute cheapest model available, you also don’t have to get the most expensive.

Best Robot Vacuums for Pet hair and Allergies

Below we have listed some of the very best robot vacuums on the market for picking up pet hair. If you have allergies, you’ll want to take a close look at what each of these products has to offer.

During the research phase of compiling this robot vacuum buying guide, it came to light that one of the largest concerns pertained to a vacuum’s ability to remove pet hair, and were most appropriate for people with allergies.  To that end, these are very suitable and priced fairly.

robot vacuum buying guide

Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum

The Roborock S4 uses a laser navigation system that scans the entire area at 300 RPM. This creates a map of the room, which allows the robot to maneuver easily around obstacles.

You can also control this device from your smartphone or tablet via the free app. You’ll have the ability to change power settings, save maps, and much more.

This robot vacuum offers powerful 2000pa suction, so it has no issues with lifting heavier debris on your floors. It also has a 5200mAh LiPo battery, which gives you 150 minutes of continuous use. You should be able to get all of your flooring cleaned before it needs to recharge.

One of the best things about this device is how quiet it is. You won’t have to deal with any loud noise while it is cleaning your floors. This means that you can go about your normal day without any annoying interruptions.

The built-in fall protection prevents this robot vacuum from falling down stairs. It will stop at the edge of the staircase and turn around. This keeps it from getting taking a bad tumble, which could result in serious damage.

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Roborock S4 – Pros

  • Works with app: You can use an app on your mobile device to change settings and control this device wherever you are.
  • Long lasting battery: This robot vacuum’s battery should last as long as you need it to each time.
  • Powerful suction: The extremely powerful suction means that this device can pick up just about any debris with no issues.
  • Quiet operation: You won’t have to deal with any loud noise while this robot is doing its thing.
  • Sleek design: There is no denying that this device has a very sleek and modern look.

Roborock S4 – Cons

  • This isn’t a great choice if you have especially thick carpeting.

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robot vacuum buying guide

PURE CLEAN Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The PURE CLEAN Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a 90-minute run time that allows you to get most if not all of your floors clean in one go.

The 1200pa suction allows this device to pick up a majority of debris, including pet hair.

This robot vacuum works well on hardwood flooring as well as short carpeting. The one-touch power up design allows you to get it going very easily.

There is even an anti-fall sensor built in, allowing this device to avoid falling down stairs.

One of the things that we really like about this robot is its low profile. Measuring 2.9” tall, it can get under most furniture without any problems. This means that you won’t have to deal with it getting stuck, which can be frustrating.

The special filter in this device keeps the air in your home clean and free of allergens. You will finally be able to put an end to all of your sneezing at home. It cannot get clogged with pet hair due to it’s brushless design. This greatly reduces the need for regular maintenance, which is always a good thing.

There are two rotating brushes on the sides of this device that allow this robot vacuum to clean corners quickly and effectively, so no part of your floors will be neglected.

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PURE CLEAN Robotic Vacuum – Pros

  •  Low profile: The slim low profile design of this device makes it easy for it to get under furniture without getting stuck.
  •  Air filter: This device’s air filter is ideal for those who own cats and/or dogs.
  •  Simple design: This robot vacuum has a simple yet effective design that you’ll be sure to appreciate on a regular basis.
  • Obstacle detection: It also does a good job of detecting obstacles in your home for high-efficiency cleaning.

PURE CLEAN Robotic Vacuum – Cons

  • The battery life could be a little longer.

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robot vacuum buying guide
robot vacuum buying guide

OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The OPODEE robotic vacuum cleaner offers 1800pa suction, allowing it to pick up everything from pet hair to loose change.

It is capable of cleaning your entire home while you are at work or somewhere else.

There are a number of settings to choose from, such as Spot Cleaning Mode, Edge Cleaning Mode, and Single Room Mode. This makes it easy to get your specific needs met no matter what.

Whether you want it to clean a small area or the entire house, you won’t encounter any problems.

This robot vacuum measures 2.99 inches tall, which means that it can easily maneuver under most furniture. You won’t have to deal with getting on your hands and knees to retrieve a stuck robot.

We really like this device’s high-capacity 2500mAh battery, which enables it to clean just over 1600 square feet on a single charge. This eliminates the need to keep letting it charge, which can be incredibly inconvenient.

It can work for up to 100 minutes at a time before having to go back to home base.

The low-noise design of this robot vacuum allows it to operate at just 65 decibels, so you will be able to relax while it cleans your floors.

There are also 360-degree sensors that are designed to help this device avoid obstacles while it works.

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OPODEE robotic vacuum – Pros

  •  Great battery life: The 100-minute battery life of this device allows you to get most if not all of your floors clean in one charge.
  • Ultra suction: This robot vacuum’s powerful suction allows it to pick up almost any debris that might by on your floors with ease.
  • Collision detection: There are sensors all around this device to help it avoid obstacles while cleaning.
  • Won’t get stuck: It is very unlikely that this robot vacuum will get stuck underneath any of your furniture.
  • Lots of modes: There are numerous modes that you will have to choose from for getting your needs met.

OPODEE robotic vacuum – Cons

  • Some customers have reported issues with the dust bin’s tabs snapping off.

robot vacuum buying guide

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a 3-in-1 design that makes it capable of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping.

This highly versatile design can help you save a lot of time and frustration with your housework.

This device is capable of sweeping hardwood floors and mopping hardwood surfaces.

It also has anti-collision technology that keeps it from crashes and getting damaged.

There are five different cleaning modes to choose from—Spot Cleaning, Max Vacuuming, Single Room, Manual Cleaning, and Edge Cleaning. All of these options will give you the best results regardless of your requirements.

The battery that this device uses enables it to keep cleaning for up to 120 minutes before having to recharge.

It is designed for self-charging, which means that it goes directly to the charging base once it is done cleaning your floors.

With a maximum suction power of 1400pa, this robot vacuum is very effective at picking up all sorts of debris.

It also operates quietly at just 60 decibels, which is lower than many other models on the market.

The auto-adjust cleaning head as well as the two wheels underneath allow this device to glide smoothly along your floors. It can travel along hardwood surfaces as well as carpeting without any issues.

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Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Pros

  • Automatic recharging: This robot vacuum goes back to its charging base all by itself after it is done, which saves you a little extra effort.
  • Anti collision system: The dual anti-collision system ensures that this device is capable of avoiding all sorts of obstacles.
  • Slim design: With a height of only 2.7 inches, you won’t have to worry about this robot getting stuck under any dresses, night stands or other furniture.
  • Strong suction: The 1400pa suction virtually guarantees that this vacuum will clean your floors thoroughly every single time.
  • Continuous cleaning: It can keep working for up to 120 minutes per charge.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Cons

  • The filters that this vacuum uses tend to get dirty fairly quickly.
  • There is no room mapping capabilities.

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robot vacuum buying guideDser Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Dser Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a height of 2.83 inches, so it can easily get under furniture with no problems.

It has a maximum suction power of 1600pa, which is fairly impressive to say the least. You will never have to deal with any debris left behind on your floors.

This device’s BoostGen technology ramps up the vacuuming power when necessary. It automatically increases suction to ensure that it does a good job of keeping the floors in your home clean.

There are some nice advanced features as well, including infrared sensors. These sensors help it to avoid stairs, so it stays in one piece.

The virtual wall barrier allows you to set this device to operate only in certain areas of your home.

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Dser Robot Vacuum – Pros

  • Cleaning modes: You will have four cleaning modes to choose from, including Manual, Edge Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, and Automatic Cleaning.
  • Easy to use: The simple design of this device allows you to get it going in just a couple of seconds.
  • Silent operation: This robot vacuum never operates at over 58 decibels, which is far quieter than most other models.
  • Large dust bin: The 600-millileter dust bin inside of this robot can hold a lot of dirt and debris, so you don’t need to constantly empty it.
  • Powerful: The strong suction that this device offers will keep your floors free of pet hair and other allergens.

Dser Robot Vacuum – Cons

  • Some customers have complained about the quality of the customer support.

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robot vacuum buying guideAmarey Robot Vacuum

The Amarey Robot Vacuum sucks up dirt, pet hair and other debris with 1400pa suction power.

It also has a large 20 ounce dustbin, so you won’t have to keep emptying it out all the time.

The low-noise design keeps this device running at not more than 58 decibels, which is very quiet.

There are four different cleaning modes to choose from—Spot, Max, Automatic and Edge. This will give you an option for all of your needs.

You will even be able to program this device so that it starts and stops on a specific schedule.

The automatic design of this robot vacuum means that you won’t even have to be home while it works.

It has a total height of 2.7 inches, which is great for fitting under just about any piece of furniture.

It is excellent at picking up pet hair form cats, dogs and other animals you might have in the house.

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Amarey Robot Vacuum – Pros

  • Versatile design: You’ll find that this robot vacuum can glide along just about any type of flooring with ease.
  • Low clearance: The short height of this device greatly reduces the chances of it ever getting stuck under furniture.
  • Very quiet: You will barley even be able to hear this vacuum work because of just how quiet it is.
  • Picks up lots of debris: The powerful suction can pick up pet hair, dust, dirt and so much more.
  • Sensors: The 360-degree sensors that this robot vacuum uses makes it capable of avoid almost any obstacles.

Amarey Robot Vacuum – Cons

  • While the battery life of this device isn’t terrible, it could use some improving.

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Robot Vacuum Buying Guide – Final Thoughts

It is imperative that you take the time to consider some of your options before deciding on a certain robot vacuum. With so many of these options on the market today, you want to read over everything. We recommend that you take a close look at the products listed in this article, as well as all of the buying tips and advice in this robot vacuum buying guide.